Franchi Carrot, Tri-Colour Mixed Seeds

Carrot, Tri-Colour Mixed Seeds

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A trio of colourful Mediterranean carrots; Jaune du Doubs is a yellow carrot, once used to feed livestock, but now prized for its flavour. The orange carrot was bred in the 17th century by the Dutch to celebrate their King of Orange, while purple carrots have existed in Italy and Spain since the 12th century.


Franchi, established in 1783, is the oldest family-run seed company in the world. It specialises in endangered and heritage vegetable varieties, inspiring growers to support biodiversity by planting something slightly different from the mainstream.

  • Sow: February - July
  • Harvest: April - December
  • Sow direct in well-dug and raked ground, 1cm deep, from February to July. Be careful not to crush the foliage when weeding, as the smell will attract carrot root fly. Some plant rows of onions or garlic on each side of the carrots to keep off the root fly, which tunnels through the roots. Alternatively cover with light garden fleece once they are growing.
Details & Care
  • Recyclable packet