Chicken Boy: My Life with Hens
Chicken Boy: My Life with Hens
Arthur Parkinson

Chicken Boy: My Life with Hens


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Growing up in an ex-mining town in Nottinghamshire, the other kids in the playground called Arthur Parkinson 'Chicken Boy' due to his fascination with everything fowl. But the quiet fulfilment of keeping hens became his sanctuary, a tonic for mental and physical health, and in this memoir he details his connection with hens, his family and the natural world.


Arthur Parkinson is well known for his flamboyant garden designs, and this book includes many of his own drawings and photographs with his ‘girls’, alongside lots of practical hen keeping advice.

Details & Care
  • Particular Books
  • Hard cover
  • ISBN: 9780241573655
  • Number of pages: 240 pages
  • Full colour illustrations and photography