Clematis Tsukiko

Clematis Tsukiko™



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Easy to grow, the free flowering variety from Raymond Evison, Clematis Tsukiko Evipo110(N) bears white star shaped flowers, centred with spidery burgundy anthers. This striking, deciduous climber has a long flowering season, producing glowing colour and vibrancy in the garden long after a lot of plants have finished flowering.

Ideal for planting in a container or growing over an archway or trellis, Clematis Tsukiko is adept at adding height and interest to the garden or for providing colour to a plain background, such as a fence or wall.


Flowers: July - September

  • Well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • As Clematis like cool roots, try to position so that the roots will be shaded from the sun by another plant.
  • Bear in mind the space they will need to climb and provide a suitable structure - trellis, wall, fence or other plant - to scramble through.
  • Reduce all stems to 15cm in late winter/ early spring
  • Can be a skin irritant and harmful to pets if ingested.
  • Group Raymond Evison for pruning