Claus Porto Diffuser in Voga

Diffuser in Voga

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Natural rattan reeds disperse the fragrance of orange blossom and green leaves from a biscuit porcelain vase for the ultimate in elegant simplicity. Voga’s scent can be intensified or reduced using the number of reed sticks, so that the ambience in your home is always shaped to your own preference. 

With a history spanning four generations, the Portuguese artisanal soap and skincare brand Claus Porto has become a name synonymous with quality and style. It has always remained authentic to its handcrafted heritage, using fragrances inspired by the scents and landscapes of the country, ingredients that are naturally hydrating, and graphic design inspired by its own archive of Art Deco packaging.

  • Place in a high position to ensure the fragrance permeates throughout the room using natural air circulation.
  • Use a coaster or base under your diffuser to avoid dripping.
  • Carefully pour the scented oil from the two bottles into the porcelain vase. Insert the reeds and wait for the fragrance to fill your room.
  • Using both bottles will guarantee maximal fragrance diffusion.
  • Occasionally flip the sticks over to boost fragrance release.
  • The diffuser oils are flammable; keep away from open flames.
  • After 3-4 months, replace the oil and reeds with a Claus Porto diffuser refill.
  • Floral
  • Top Notes: Orange blossom and green leaves
  • Heart Notes: Almond blossom, mimosa and tuberose
  • Base Notes: Tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla and musk
  • The fresh simplicity of orange blossom and green leaves is paired with a fragrant mix of almond blossom, mimosa and tuberose. This is followed by tonka, musk and the sweet comfort of vanilla.