Duck Bath Brush
Duck Bath Brush

Duck Bath Brush



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There’s nothing better than having a good scrub in the bath for improved circulation and glowing skin. This horsehair brush, along with a good soap, gives a soft and comfortable lather for perfect cleaning. The duck handle adds to the charm of the brush which has been hand made by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden.

Horse hair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable while it is sturdy and durable and has a certain elasticity.

Details & Care
  • Made in Sweden
  • Oil treated birch / maple
  • Horsehair
  • Allow the brush to dry standing on the horsehair so that the water is transported away from the wood that is more sensitive to moisture.
  • With a little simple care, the brush will age beautifully. Clean the brushes with washing-up liquid and warm water.
  • From time to time oil the wood -a food grade oil or cold pressed boiled linseed oil is recommended, applied with a cloth. Let the oil soak well into the wood before using the brush again.