Runner Bean 'Enorma' Seeds, 250g
Runner Bean 'Enorma' Seeds, 250g
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Runner Bean 'Enorma' Seeds, 250g



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Grown as an annual in UK, the runner bean, (Phaseolus coccineus) Enorma is a tall twining climber reaching 300cm (9ft 10in) high. Its scarlet flowers, beloved by pollinators, transform into long runner beans, which are full of flavour. This is a reliable favourite amongst gardeners with an exhibition standard yield. 
  • Plant: from May
  • Harvest: July onwards
  • Well drained soil 
  • East, South or West aspect
  • Sunny location
  • Sheltered 
  • Plant seeds in well-watered and finely prepared soil where they will crop.  Plant at 45cm (1ft 6in) intervals, in rows approximately 5cm (2in) deep.
  • Water well until plants are established. 
  • Support required- use wigwam canes or netting.
  • Consider planting with sweet peas to attract bees for pollination.
  • Raw pods/ beans are harmful to humans and pets if eaten raw