Eragrostis Wind Dancer
Eragrostis Wind Dancer
Love Grass

Eragrostis Wind Dancer

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Eragrostis elliottii Wind Dancer lives up to its name, as a type of deciduous Love Grass that has airy white flower panicles, borne on tall, slender stems, which dance in the slightest breeze. It is visually stunning when planted in drifts and adds a delicacy to the garden structure.


Perfect for a prairie planting scheme, Eragrostis elliottii Wind Dancer is notable for providing movement as the flowers sway above a sunny border. It also works particularly as statement planting in a container.

  • Flowers: June - August
  • Hardy
  • All moist, well drained soil types
  • South, East or West aspects
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered
  • Fast growing , it enjoys full sun and will self seed.
  • Birds will appreciate the dry foliage as nesting material - cut this old foliage back in early spring before new growth appears.