Ery Glastra Cretan Terracotta Pot 20cm

Ery Glastra Cretan Pot 20cm



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Hand thrown using Cretan terracotta, these bulbous Ery Glastra Cretan Pots are detailed with indented banding and feature a styled rolled top. Due to its porosity, this clay allows excess water to evaporate, helping the plant roots remain advantageously moist whilst forming a perfect environment for plants to flourish.

The fuel used within the firing process is called ‘pirina’, a by-product of the olive pressing process. When burnt, the pirina generates an intense heat in the kiln fuelled by crushed olive stones and grape pips, reaching temperatures over 1150°C. Incredibly high in mineral content, this robust and durable vessel will slowly release mineral salts, enhancing its distinctive colours with a charming patination.

Details & Care
  • Material: Cretan terracotta
  • Hand thrown
  • Frost resistant
  • If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals