Pelargonium Lemon Kiss in Terracotta Pot
Pelargonium Lemon Kiss in Terracotta Pot
Pelargonium Lemon Kiss in Terracotta Pot

Pelargonium Lemon Kiss in Terracotta Pot



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Upright and bushy, the Pelargonium Lemon Kiss bears medium-sized foliage with serrated edges. The understated, off-white colour of this bloom is heightened by a delicate touch of magenta on select petals. Infused with a lifting lemon scent on its leaves, each plant arrives planted in a terracotta 14cm (6in) pot. 


Pelargonium blooms feature rounded clusters of radiant colours with splashes of complementary vibrant shades, nestled amongst bushy foliage. A joyful addition to your greenhouse or interior, these evergreen perennials can flower virtually all year round under the right conditions, bearing foliage that releases a beautiful scent upon touching them. Moreover, the leaves can be shredded and adopted as a fragrant accompaniment to a host of delights, from desserts and salads to cocktails and iced teas, whilst the flowers can be candied and used to decorate cakes.

  • Flowers: May to November
  • Tender
  • Fertile, well-drained soil
  • South, West and East aspect
  • Full / partial sun
  • Sheltered
  • Deadhead during flowering season to prolong blooms
  • Protect from winter conditions
  • Once established, Geraniums require regular watering, although it is recommended to allow soil to dry between waterings, as they do not like to be left in wet soil
  • In winter, it is recommended to keep in frost-free conditions, either on a sun filled windowsill or heated conservatory.