Hedgehog Barn
Hedgehog Barn

Hedgehog Barn



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Help our beloved garden friends with a safe haven in which to hibernate over the winter, raise their hoglets and to take cover from the weather and predators. This stylish wooden hedgehog barn is prime real estate with its unique extending porch, which deters unwanted visitors and makes the barn easier to store. It also has a neat back door for inspecting and cleaning.

From an estimated population of 30 million in the 1950s, current estimates suggest hedgehog numbers have diminished to only half a million, so it’s wonderful to encourage and support them in your own garden. Your hedgehog house may take a little while to become inhabited but hopefully you’ll soon see them out and about at night, from April to October.

Burford Garden Company

Details & Care
  • FSC timber - solid, long lasting design
  • Checking the house is recommended only annually, early summer is best
  • Place the house in a shady, quiet spot (ie. behind a shed or under thick vegetation) where it won’t be disturbed.
  • Angle entry out of the wind