Heucherella Pink Fizz
Heucherella Pink Fizz
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Heucherella Pink Fizz

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Delightfully light and airy flower stalks rise from the foliage of this clump forming perennial, bearing pretty panicles of small, bright pink blooms held far above the plant. The fleshy, ovately lobed foliage is also highly attractive and the wine-coloured veining on the leaves adds to the decorative effect.

Heucherella is a wonderfully successful hybrid of the popular perennials Heuchera and Tiarella. Due to their visual delicacy and their tolerance of partial shade, heucherella is an extremely good plant for underplanting roses or other shrubs.


Flowers from May - August

  • Well drained fertile soil
  • South, east, west facing
  • Full sun, partial shade

Remove the flower stalk after flowering. Ensure that while the soil in which it is planted does not dry out, but it is important that its roots are not waterlogged