Plantsmith Houseplant Feed and Tonic

Houseplant Feed and Tonic



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Unlike outdoor plants, houseplants are completely reliant on us to keep them well fed. Containing a fortifying blend of 13 essential nutrients inspired by professional formulations, this Houseplant Feed and Tonic is guaranteed to nourish your houseplants and promote stronger leaves and long-lasting flowers.
Details & Care:
  • Aids growth and plant strength.
  • Encourages glossy leaves.
  • Promotes growth of longer lasting flowers.
  • Use on all houseplants and succulents.
  • Feed every other time you water during growing season; from March to September.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • For mature plants add 5ml, approx. 4 pumps, into a litre of tepid water and water as usual.
  • For younger plants add 5ml into 2 litres of tepid water.