Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors


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Aesthetically beautiful, these Okatsune Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors follow the traditional shape used by experts in this field of flower arranging. Ikenobo is the oldest school of ikebana, started by the Buddhist monk Senno in 15th-century Japan. For those practising the art now, these scissors are culturally authentic as well as highly practical and robust.


Okatsune is considered amongst the finest makers of garden tools in Japan. Started in the 1940s in Onomichi, its founder, Tsuneichi Okano, named it after a conflation of his own name. Trained as a blacksmith, he channelled the traditional skills required to make Katan swords for Samurai, and developed the extremely hard, high carbon steel used for Okatsune tools.

Details & Care
  • Carbon steel
  • Weight:168g
  • Made in Onomichi, Japan
  • Clean with Crean Mate, and wipe over with Camellia Oil
  • Avoid cutting oversize stems (they are not secateurs), do not use to cut wire
  • Store in a dry place