Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft
Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft
Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft

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Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft, shimmers with hot colour, and creates a brilliant staccato punctuation as part of a Prairie Planting scheme or striking in a border amongst shades of blue and purple. With a mound of slender foliage and large flower heads raised on strong stalks, which attract pollinators throughout the summer, this variety is also suitable for containers.

Oddly, the hard to pronounce Kniphofia (‘nif-of-e-a’) is one of the first flowers many of us recognise as a child, but by its common name - Red Hot Poker. A distant relation of the giant plant to which the late eighteenth-century German botanist Johan Kniphof gave his name, K. Backdraft evokes the heat and drama of its native South Africa.


Flowering Period: June – August


  • Preferred Soil Type: Well drained
  • Aspect: South or West facing
  • Position: Full sun

Water regularly throughout the hot summer months. Dead head after flowering.