Large Pot Trellis
Large Pot Trellis

Large Pot Trellis



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This Large Pot Trellis offers a practical solution to planting a climbing plant in a container. The surface of the curved steel frame is coated with a textured rustic metal finish which encourages climbing tendrils. The flat stability plate, which is slotted into the soil in the pot, assures the trellis remains stable and upright.

In addition to creating a stable framework for a clematis or climbing rose grown in a container, once covered in foliage, the trellis can create the effect of a living screen which, assuming the plant is in the right aspect, can be moved around the garden, terrace or balcony. It is also useful for climbing indoor plants such as Philodendron.

  • Made in Britain
  • Durable coated steel with textured finish