Large Zinc Garden Bucket
Large Zinc Garden Bucket
Large Zinc Garden Bucket
Zinc Garden Buckets

Large Zinc Garden Bucket



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This is a thoroughly useful bucket for use in the garden or house.  Use it to collect unwanted weeds or greenery as you snip your way around the garden, fill it with rainwater for dunking thirsty indoor plants, or put it by the back door or in your kitchen to fill with vegetable peelings and organic waste ready to take to the compost. It is an essential bucket!

Designed by a Netherlandish company with a love of traditional design, this stainless steel bucket has been hot-dipped in zinc giving it an anti-corrosion coating and lovely patinated appearance. The turned, wooden handle is an attractive and practical finishing touch.

Details & Care
  • Stainless steel with anti-corrosion zinc coating
  • Turned and polished pine handle
  • Wash with soapy water if required and drain