Lavendula Devonshire Compact
French Lavender

Lavandula Devonshire Compact

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This dwarf shrub, Lavandula stoechas Devonshire Compact, has a bushy habit and evergreen grey/green foliage which, like the flowers, is wonderfully scented. French lavender has distinctive bracts, which in this variety resemble little purple banners waving from the top of the blue flower spikes.

The additional botanical name stoechas comes from the Greek word ‘stoicas’ meaning rows. This is presumably because the purple florets on the flowerhead beneath the bracts are perfectly aligned in vertical rows. Highly decorative, this scented shrub is equally lovely in a sunny border or a well-draining container.


The distinctive flower heads appear from May to October.

  • Well drained, fertile, moist soil
  • South or west facing
  • Full sun

This lavender is slightly unusual in requiring fertile soil, and because it is half-hardy it needs protection from severe cold, but what it really dislikes is having waterlogged roots, so ensure well-draining soil. Cut back spent flowers in September then reshape foliage if necessary in April.


Strongly aromatic foliage and flowers