Malus domestica Surprize Bush M26 12L
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Malus domestica Surprize Bush (Apple) M26 12L

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An unusual, new variety of dessert apple, Malus domestica Surprize has a brilliantly glossy orange skin, which when cut reveals the surprise- the pink flesh within! Crisp, juicy and delicious, with a sweet/sharp flavour, it is ideal for juicing.  
  • Flowers: May
  • Harvest: September (keeps well until Jan)
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • South or West aspect 
  • Full sun 
  • Sheltered
  • Rootstock indicates this is semi-dwarf size – ideal for small to medium gardens.
  • Will need staking
  • As this is not self-fertile, it will require a pollinator nearby (if you are planting in an urban area, you may not need to plant a partner)
  • Best grown in a sheltered, sunny spot where the blossom can attract pollinators and the fruit can ripen in the sun. Prune annually to achieve the optimum crop.
  • For an increased yield, plant with other apples.

Light and sweet