Niwaki Sickle
Niwaki Sickle


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Niwaki Camellia Oil
Camellia Oil for Tools


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Light and precise, this Niwaki sickle swiftly trims grasses and herbaceous plants but is also robust enough to take on brambles and other nasties (as long as they’re not too woody). With a single bevelled Yasugi White Paper sharp steel blade and a poplar wood handle, it’s a beautiful tool to behold and an efficient one to use.

Expertly designed and made along Japanese traditional lines by skilled craftspeople in the city of Sanjo, (an area known for its steel work), using carbon steel for longevity and excellent quality.

Details & Care
  • 16cm blade
  • 150g
  • Shirogami White Paper Steel
  • Poplar handles
  • Made in Japan
  • Use Crean Mate to remove rust, then wipe over with Camellia Oil