Pennisetum Black Arrow
Pennisetum Black Arrow
Fountain Grass

Pennisetum Black Arrow

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Pennisetum Black Arrow is a clump forming, ornamental grass that produces extremely attractive flower spikes in mid- to late summer, which mature into long, wispy seed heads. The heads change from pink-tinted green to purple and finally a beguiling blackThis tactile blurriness provides a wonderful visual statement in the garden, wispy and engaging. 

Highly effective, all ornamental grasses offer graceful movement in a border and the texture softens hard edges in a courtyard or on the edge of a path. Pennisetum Black Arrow can also be successfully planted as a specimen in a container positioned in full sun. 

  • Flowers: August- September
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • South or West aspects 
  • Full sun 

Remove old leaves and flower spikes to encourage new spring growth