Philadelphus Manteau D'Hermine
Mock Orange Blossom

Philadelphus Manteau D'Hermine

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Perfect for a smaller garden, Philadelphus Manteau D’Hermine is also effective in a container. Being a dwarf variety, it is compact, but come early summer the dark green deciduous foliage is smothered in creamy white, double flowers with a strong aroma of jasmine. An exotic looking shrub, with citrus like flowers, is hardy and needs little attention beyond admiration.

Philadelphus originated in North and Central America as well as Asia. In 1562 an Ambassador to the Holy Roman Emperor took a Philadelphus from an Ottoman garden to Vienna, and it spread throughout Europe. This variety was bred by the celebrated 19th-century French plantsman Victor Lemoine.

  • Please note all parts of this plant are harmful if eaten.
  • Flowers in June/July
  • Well drained, fertile soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade

Water well to establish and mulch in the spring. Prune in late summer after flowering and remove a quarter of the old woody stems to ground level.


Highly scented flowers