White Philodendron
White Philodendron
White Philodendron

Philodendron erubescens White Princess



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One of the most rare and desired tropical houseplants, the Philodendron White Princess hails from the humid rainforests of South America. Bearing large, heart shaped leaves with generous splashes of marbled variegation, this houseplant is an energetic climber, producing strong aerial roots that look for something to cling onto. Providing it with a moss pole comes highly recommended, enabling this stunning cultivar to continue to thrive.

Variegated plants have long been popular due to their crisp cream and / or white marble-like patterns adding delightful and distinctive interest to a houseplant’s foliage. Variegation in leaf colour occurs due to the lack of green pigment chlorophyll in some plant cells, as a result of cell mutation.

  • Pot size: 14cm
  • Height and Spread: This slow growing plant can reach up to H: 92cm (3ft) x W: 60cm (2ft)
  • Soil: Use a well draining, aerated potting soil mix. A mixture of 1 part chalk, 1 loam, and 1 part sand is recommended.
  • Position: Indirect sunlight
  • Toxic to humans and pets if ingested.
Plant Care

Philodendrons like room temperatures around 18° to 28°. Prefers high humidity, to increase humidity try grouping plants together, or misting regularly. Your plant's leaves will appreciate being cleaned gently with a warm sponge. Water in a light fertiliser every fortnight in the summer. Keep in a bright environment to guarantee its exquisite variegation to continue.

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