Philodendron Prince of Orange
Philodendron Prince of Orange
Philodendron Prince of Orange

Philodendron Prince of Orange

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With an obligingly easy to care for nature, this Philodendron Prince of Orange has also been bred to be pleasingly compact, making it simple to place in an interior. Its superbly vibrant leaves emerge a bright yellow, taking on the rich, coppery tones suggested by its name, before maturing to a luscious glossy green.

Philodendrons form an enormous family of plants that originated in the South American rainforest where they thrive in the filtered light of the canopy. The name comes from the Greek meaning ‘lover of trees’ since many are epiphytic and clamber vine-like through the trees. This variety is ‘self-heading’, new growth springing from a central rosette.

  • Pot size: 17cm (6.5in)
  • Height and Spread: Up to H: 60cm (2ft) x W: 92cm (3ft)
  • Use a well-draining potting soil
  • Position: Indirect Sunlight
  • Toxic to pets and humans if consumed
  • Please note, the pot cover featured is not included
Plant Care

Thrives in temperatures between 18 – 28°C. Water regularly but allow soil to almost dry out before watering. Apply a light fertiliser monthly in the summer. Requires humidity so regularly mist leaves.

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