Phlox paniculata Rose Bouquet
Phlox paniculata Rose Bouquet
Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata Rose Bouquet

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This native American plant has become a familiar and cherished sight in British Cottage gardens. Planted in the centre of a herbaceous border, this bushy perennial with attractive foliage will produce long stems with eye-catching clusters of fragrant flowers, which are long lasting and pollinating.

Phlox are natives of North America where it is known as the Tall Phlox. The name, Phlox, comes from Greek for flame, which presumably refers to the brightness of the petals. In the US it attracts the hummingbird hawk moth but in recent years this has been commonly seen in Britain, so this beautiful plant may attract a breathtaking pollinator into your garden.


Bright, long-lasting flowers from May - July

  • Well drained moist, fertile soil
  • South, east west facing
  • Full sun, partial shade

Layer round the roots with mulch or compost in early spring. Pinch out early shoots to encourage bushy growth.


Fragrant flowers