Potato 'Swift’, 2kg
Potato 'Swift’
First Early Seed Potatoes

Potato 'Swift’, 2kg



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By name and by nature, ‘Swift’ is our earliest cropping seed potato. Suitable for planting in containers, it is excellent for salads, boiling, baking, chips and roasting.  
  • First Early seeds cropping from June-July
  • Scab and virus resistant
  • Suitable for container planting
  • Leave seeds arranged in an open tray in the light to chit before planting
  • Plant with shoots upwards from late March, 10cm (4in) deep in a trench with a sprinkling of fertiliser or in bed dug over with well-rotted manure or garden compost
  • Leave 40-50cm (1ft 4in – 1ft 7in) between rows
  • Full sun
  • Avoid frost

As shoots appear from the seed potatoes, cover with a ridge of soil. Continue to cover shoots as they appear. By the end of the season a ridge will have grown to approximately 15cm (6in).