Tony's Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Pack
Tony's Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Pack

Rainbow Tasting Pack

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The perfect way to sample the range of Tony’s flavours, this tasting pack contains six of the favourites. Individually packed bars of Belgian Fairtrade dark and milk chocolate with nougat, caramel sea salt, hazelnut and almond sea salt, to share with friends, colleagues or simply work your way through, purely for research, we understand!  

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 by a Dutch journalist who discovered that many chocolate manufacturers use cocoa beans from forced child labour and slave work. Tony’s mission is to make all chocolate slave free and chooses to source its cocoa from 8,921 farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, (where the issues are greatest), paying their cooperatives a premium so that they can earn a living wage with enough to invest in resources. This generates traceability of beans, building quality assurance, together with encouraging an awareness amongst consumers of the importance of Fairtrade.

Details & Care
  • Made in Belgium
  • Keep cool, dry and dark but not in the fridge.