Rhodanthemum Casablanca
Moroccan Daisies

Rhodanthemum Casablanca

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The fresh, daisy-like flowers of Rhodanthemum Casablanca, with bright white rays and soft brown eyes, are held on stalks above the foliage and form a marvellous dome of independent blooms. As a lovely foil, the deeply cut evergreen leaves in a delightful blue/grey, form a handsome mound of ground cover beneath the flowers.

Native to North Africa, Morocco and Algeria, where this delightful daisy grows on dry rocky outcrops, it is as a result tolerant of wind and deer and rabbit resistant. The cone-like centres of the flowers are highly attractive to native pollinators. It is particularly effective planted amongst grey foliaged Mediterranean plants such as Rosemary and Lavender.


Flowers in early summer will be followed by a welcome second flush at the end of summer.

  • Well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade

Minimum maintenance is required, dead head flowers to encourage a second flush.