David Austin Roses - Rosa Grouse 2000

Rosa Grouse 2000

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Prostrate Rosa Grouse 2000 is a slightly more compact and repeat flowering form of the rose from which it was bred. The heart-shaped petals are more pink-tinged, but the small blooms also appear in clusters and are open, reminiscent of the native dog rose, revealing a mass of almost hellebore-like golden stamens, which attract pollinators, especially bees. Image courtesy of David Austin Roses.

Please note, our roses are available to purchase all year round, so depending on the time of year your rose may either arrive in bloom or have been pruned or deadheaded appropriately for the season.


Grown by David Austin, Rosa Grouse 2000, was bred as a revised version from the original R. Grouse in 2004 by the German rose breeder Kordes. Offering more compact ground cover, it does, however, present a difficult decision: deadhead spent flowers for more blooms or leave them and enjoy a remarkable display of brilliant, red rose hips.

  • Prostrate rose grown for flowers, scent and hips
  • Flowering period: repeat, from late spring to first frost
  • Fully hardy
  • Classic plant for herbaceous border and small garden
  • Enriched, well-drained soil
  • Any aspect
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Exposed or sheltered

Dig a hole larger than the root ball and loosen surrounding soil, sprinkle with Mycorrhizal Fungi to promote root growth, position rose, infill and water well. Deadhead spent blooms to promote new buds or leave for spectacular rose hips.


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