Santolina Cham. Pretty Caroll
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Santolina Cham. Pretty Caroll



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Santolina chamaecypanssus Pretty Caroll is a mouthful, but the herbaceous perennial is well worth it and the super-long word, which roughly translates ‘like ground cypress’, is a valid description of the grey/green foliage. In the height of summer, delightful canary yellow pom-pom flowers rise to the surface of the aromatic foliage on fine stalks to great effect.

Indigenous to western and central Mediterranean areas, this fragrant perennial with its cheering button-like flowers is drought tolerant once it is established. Stunning on the edge of borders or for planting in dry stone walls; it is also highly attractive in zinc containers and hugely attractive to native pollinators.


Long lasting flowers appear from June to September

  • Well drained soil
  • South or west facing
  • Full sun

Protect from frosts in colder areas. Trim foliage in April to retain rounded mound shape.


The crushed foliage is fragrant