Sedum Thundercloud

Sedum Thundercloud

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Sedum is usually planted for its high summer, nectar-rich flowers but this unusual variety, Sedum Thundercloud has the most interestingly serrated young foliage which looks highly attractive planted in groups along the edge of a border. The summer flowers appear as a billowing mass of white stars with a slight pink tint and are wonderful as cut flowers.


This unusual Sedum originates in the Far East, like other Stonecrops it is a succulent which means that it has thick and fleshy leaves originally intended to retain water.


A mass of pink-tinted white flowers will appear in the summer, the seed heads look attractive if left throughout the winter

  • Well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun

Minimum maintenance is required. If not used in arrangements, leave the flower heads on throughout the winter for interest and tidy up in the spring as the new leaves appear.