Skimmia Japonica Pabella (female)
Skimmia Japonica Pabella (female)
Japanese Skimmia

Skimmia Japonica Pabella (female)

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The evergreen foliage of Skimmia Pabella is glossy, scented and offers the perfect foil to the clusters of flower buds that open and attract pollinators in the spring. The fertilised female plant (as here) produces a mass of attractive red berries in late autumn that remain on the plant for months, and are welcome at Christmas.

Skimmia originated in the Himalayas and Asia. Buds of the male plant, resembling tiny red berries, appear in September and remain closed on the plant all winter, in spring they open into cream flowers. The female plant, with less prominent flowers, produces long lasting, bright red berries in the autumn.

  • Lime free, fertile, moist soil
  • Any aspect
  • Partial sunlight or shade
  • Plant in ericaceous compost in a container

Half hardy so protect from frost. Apply mulch in spring. Do not allow Skimmias in containers to dry out. No pruning required.


Fragrant leaves