Niwaki Small Golden Spade
Niwaki Small Golden Spade

Small Golden Spade

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The younger sibling to our other golden spades, it is also strong and sharp but even lighter to handle. This spade will easily slice through the ground when digging, ground clearing or tree planting. The tubular steel handle won’t bend or flex and, with its firm treads and rigid steel pipe shaft, the spade feels sturdy and easy to use. Elevating it above the norm is its golden paintwork, providing a glamorous note to manual labour!

Expertly designed and made along Japanese traditional lines by skilled craftspeople in the city of Sanjo, (an area known for its steel work), using carbon steel for longevity and excellent quality.

Details & Care
  • Oil any chips in the paintwork to prevent rust
  • 980g
  • Steel
  • Made in Japan