Jellycat Small Larry Lobster

Small Larry Lobster



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Delightfully dorky, the Jellycat Small Larry Lobster is covered in a reddish-orange, featuring two large, enthusiastic eyes at the top of his head followed by perky antennae poking above. With squashy segments, two large claws hanging from his shoulders (don’t worry, they’re not sharp!) and a ridged yet sumptuously smooth tail, there’s a whole lot to capture your attention and admire in amongst numerous snuggly embraces!


Based in London, Jellycat have made a name for themselves by manufacturing toys that are safe, washable and, while adored by children, are also appealing to adults due to the clever use of sophisticated fabrics with a variety of textures.

  • Suitable from birth. Large sizes - please do not leave in cot / crib.
  • Material: (New materials) Polyester fibres, plastic pellets
  • Hand wash, do not machine, tumble dry or iron.