Square Candle in Fico D'India
Square Candle in Fico D'India

Square Candle in Fico D'India



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With pale green wax, this square candle fragranced with the signature Fico D’India scent creates a beautiful warm ambience as it glows within its distinctive palm and gattopardo-printed jar. The fragrance is based on the famous Fico d'India cactus, with its vibrant orange flowers, often found growing wild in Sicily. 

Ortigia is a Sicilian company that is inspired by the aesthetics, culture and scents of Italy's tropical region. The gorgeously unique packaging draws on exotic images and the island's colourful history, whilst also referencing the finest traditions of the Italian way of life.

Details & Care
  • Made in Italy
  • Keep away from children, pets and furnishings
  • Do not allow candle to burn unattended
  • Trim the wick before relighting
  • Extinguish after 2 hrs

Fico d’India – named after the Fico d’India cactus, this scent has blends of powdery fig, cactus juice and cedar oils.