Harrod Horticultural Standard Wooden Raised Bed

Standard Wooden Raised Bed


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Harrod Horticultural Liner for Standard Wooden Raised Bed
Liner for Standard Wooden Raised Bed
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Crafted in the UK using Scandinavian softwood from sustainably managed forests, these raised beds are constructed from slow grown timber panels with tight grain, for extra strength. Perfect for creating your dream vegetable patch or cut flower plot, or for tailoring your soil to your planting desires, such as creating an ericaceous bed. Images courtesy of Harrod Horticultural. Featured accessories are not included. 

Manufacturing in the United Kingdom since 1954, Harrod Horticultural are an esteemed producer of British engineering. Their garden structures are renowned for incorporating rustic style with functionality, providing inspiration for gardeners around the world. All used wood is high pressure treated with a safe wood preserve to prevent fungal decay and wood boring insects.

  • To fill the 1.2m x 1.2m raised bed, you will need 460L of compost
  • To fill the 1.2m x 1.8m raised bed, you will need 690L of compost
  • For best results, fill the beds with a mixture of topsoil and bulky organic medium such as manure. To improve the drainage, we recommend adding a layer of gravel at the base before filling with your chosen soil.
  • When using on a patio or hard surface, we recommend using one of the specially designed raised bed liners for extra protection, and to prevent the soil from washing out
  • Requires assembly