Suet Feeder

Suet Feeder


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A brilliant way to look after your little birds and deter adult squirrels and larger birds, this tough steel feeder with a guardian cage means birds have to pop between the bars to get close enough to peck at the suet.  Fill it with up to 10 suet balls or a hanging bird cake and watch the gymnastic display!

The guardian cage also protects young and small birds from other predators while feeding.

Details & Care
  • Squirrels are clever and determined creatures. To reduce the risk of them reaching and attacking feeders and guardians, try to locate the feeder at least 2 metres away from any potential jumping off point such as a tree trunk, fence, post or wall.
  • Please note that when young and juvenile squirrels are around in late summer, they may be able to squeeze through the gaps. While this guardian will make feeding more difficult for all large birds, smaller corvids such as magpies and jackdaws may be able to squeeze their heads through.
  • Regularly cleaning bird feeders, bird tables and bird baths is vitally important to ensure birds stay healthy. RSPB recommends you clean bird feeders, tables and baths at least once a week. The water in bird baths should be changed daily.
  • Always provide birds with fresh water for drinking and bathing.