The Lives of Leaves
The Lives of Leaves - Preview
Dan Crowley & Douglas Justice

The Lives of Leaves: 50 Leaves, What They Mean and What They Mean To Us



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In a beautifully illustrated compendium of 50 leaves from around the world, Crowley and Justice tell the stories, science, and history of each leaf, in the process unearthing an eye-opening conversation on what makes them so important within our world.


Serving a myriad of purposes, leaves act as crucial sources of food for animals whilst providing shelter and medicine to humans. Long the subjects of art, leaf patterns have also been commonly portrayed in ancient cultures, serving as artistic inspiration. Discover the secret stories of what leaves mean - and what they mean to us.

  • Hardback
  • Publisher: John Murray Press
  • Extent: 336 Pages
  • Illustrations: Black and White
  • Illustrations Throughout
  • ISBN: 978-1529375312
  • Edition: 1st Edition, 2021
  • Weight: 444g