Tsuji Honten 'Rocky Mountain' Gouzenshu 9 Sake, 50cl
Tsuji Honten

Tsuji Honten 'Rocky Mountain' Gouzenshu 9 Sake, 50cl


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A perfect expression of the ancient bodaimoto technique, this earthy sake offers rich malt and caramel aromas, leading to well balanced, slightly sweet cereal flavours on the palate. Winner of ‘Best Sake with British Food’ at Hyper Japan 2014, it pairs beautifully with richer dishes such game, pate, and blue cheese.

Located in Katsuyama town, Okayama, the Tsuji Honten brewery has been run by seven generations of the Tsuji family ever since its inception in 1804. They are pioneers in the use of omachi rice and medieval brewing techniques. Most of Tsuki Honten’s sakes are brewed using the bodaimoto method, first developed by monks during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), which delivers well-balanced, rich, clear tasting sake, with lots of umami flavours.


15.5% ABV
Product of Japan