Kadai Zhara Roasting Pan
Kadai Zhara Roasting Pan
Zhara Roasting Pan

Zhara Roasting Pan

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With a long wooden handle and a perforated wide surface area on which to cook, this Zhara roasting pan can be used for grilling steaks, vegetables, fish or chestnuts over the fire, searing flavour into the food. Some images courtesy of Kadai.

Details & Care
  • The pan has a protective food safe coating that is applied for transportation and will require the traditional curing process prior to use:
  • To remove the coating, heat the cookware accessory to a medium temperature and then thoroughly wash in warm soapy water.
  • Dry, then apply a thin coat of cooking oil.
  • Heat the accessory again, but to a hot temperature (the oil may smoke a little, but this is just part of the curing process).
  • Repeat this application process several times until an even 'black' coat is achieved.
  • Avoid cleaning in the dishwasher as this will remove the natural oiled finish.