Our Ten Favourite Presents for Children

Gifts for Children

From Christmas 2022, read on to discover our top present picks for children from our store that year.

Sometimes when buying gifts for children it is helpful to think outside the box, which is why we have included a variety of choices on this list of our favourite gift ideas. Imaginative play, stories and music act as general themes to consider but, if in doubt, there is often no better gift than a soft companion to be treasured.

Knitted Bunny

This bunny is made from pure wool using natural dyes and has a timeless quality. They will be cherished and cuddled (with perhaps a few loving mends!) for years to come.

Gifts for Children, Blue Ditsy Bunny
Herbarium Kit

A herbarium is a visual record of discovered plants, either pressed into a book or artistically recreated. With this kit, children can create their own natural guides to treasure for years to come. .

Gifts for Children, Herbarium Kit
There are Birds Everywhere

A colourful book to share with all the family exploring the many different types of birds throughout the world. Full of interesting facts and great graphics, this book will keep any budding ornithophiles entertained.

Gifts for Children, There are Bird Everywhere
2 in 1 TryBike

A present with longevity, this bike progresses from a balance trike for toddlers (from 15 months old) to a first two-wheeler (up to 6 years old). Made in the Netherlands, a nation of cyclists, this bike has been designed and constructed with care and comes with a sheet of stickers for customisation.

Try Bike in Red
Lloyd Loom Children's Chair

Lightweight and durable, a Lloyd Loom chair is an attractive and long lasting present that will delight both children and parents with its timeless style. A perfect perch for reading storybooks in a little bedroom nook.

Gifts for Children, Children's Chair in White
Sloth Mobile

A firm favourite of ours is this characterful sloth mobile. Made of 100% hand felted wool, hang up the garland of little sloths and revel in their swinging and waving, and the tinkling of the brass bell.

Gifts for Children, Sloth Mobile
Animambo Electric Synthesizer

Instilling a love of music in a child is one of life’s greatest gifts, and this electric synthesizer will improve hand to eye coordination and develop a burgeoning sense of rhythm and musicality.

Gifts for Children, Electric Synthesizer

A lot of families have a Christmas tradition of playing a game together after lunch, and Pucket is just the ticket! All ages will enjoy pinging the wooden pucks across the board using an elastic catapult - a simple enough concept, but renowned for quickly creating fierce competition!

Gifts for Children, Pucket
Gifts for Children, Pucket
Celeste Fairy Doll

We could not possibly compile a list for Christmas without including a festive fairy. Celeste is the most beautiful cloth doll, complete with star spangled netting and wings. Suitable for 10+ months, she is washable and soft.

Gifts for Children, Celeste Fairy Doll
Steiff Rocking Lion

A real showstopper, the lion of all dreams, ready to proudly prowl across the savannah whilst taking your little one along for the ride. Prestigious German toy maker Steiff has created the most beautiful rocking lion, an imaginative alternative to the traditional rocking horse, and likewise destined to become a family heirloom.

Gifts for Children, Steiff Rocking Lion