Ten Little Gift Ideas

Regardless of age, there’s always something thrilling about a stocking packed full of little goodies. Whether it transports us back to the excitement of our youth and the pleasure of digging out the last tiny item stuck in the toe, or just the warm endearment of somebody thinking about us, small gifts never fail to delight. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite presents – for popping in a stocking or giving as a token to say thank you for the passing year.

Ready to hang in anticipation...


You can’t really go wrong with a candle. Adding flickering light and the soft drift of scent makes a house feel like a home. Embrace the Christmas spirit with a festive inspired fragrance, chosen by you to bring the real essence of the season to your loved one.


Another crowd pleaser, with packaging almost as beautiful as its contents. Luxury British chocolatier Rococo has been making chocolates for over forty years and this is one of their best sellers (we can understand why!)


The idea may not be that original, but these socks are something special. Ideal for keeping feet warm and for wearing with boots, these chunky socks are made with natural wool so are naturally anti-bacterial and very comfortable. A great stocking for the stocking!

Useful gifts

For a gardener, any practical gift will be well received. Hard wearing gloves or a watering can, oil for protecting tools or even a packet of seeds, these are gifts that breathe life and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Soft & friendly

Little people will be entranced by something soft. Whether a characterful decoration to hang on the tree, something cuddly, or a festive elf hiding in his matchbox bed, imagination will be sparked, and new friends made.

Food Hall Treats

Find something delicious and decadent, perhaps unfamiliar, as the perfect gift to surprise and delight your recipient. Our food hall is packed with goodies, everything from funky coffee beans to creamy cheese, so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

Christmas inspired

It might sound rather like stating the obvious, but the Christmas season itself provides great inspiration for presents. From a sparkling glass bauble to a pretty votive holder, from a cookbook to a special edition preserve, these are things to enjoy now and for festive years to come (although the food will disappear quickly!)

Luxury soaps

Many of us do appreciate a beautiful soap, particularly something indulgent and luxurious. Go for something creamy and well scented for the ultimate in bath time relaxation.

Re-stocking the library

From little books that make you smile to sketchbooks and festive crafts, pop a little paper in the stocking to encourage reading or imaginative endeavours away from screens.

Gift Cards

Make life easy and allow the recipient to spend time exploring and choosing their own gift after the busy Christmas season has passed. Starting at £10 you can dictate the amount, giving anticipatory pleasure that will last long after the last present has been unwrapped.