Steiff Rocking Lion

Steiff Rocking Lion


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This cat rocks - in every way! 

The Steiff Rocking Lion welcomes a very courageous child to take a seat on his comfortable, strokable back. He has useful wooden handles behind his ears for small hands to grasp and the result, assisted by the curved wooden rockers underneath, is a right royal ride with the king of the jungle.

Hugely tactile, the soft but firm padding of this lion’s body, covered in silky fur and boasting a splendidly tousled mane, are at just the right height for a cuddle. When he is tired from prowling the savanna with his charge and having a quiet moment in the bedroom, he can double up as a very regal clothes horse!

The almost legendary German toy maker Steiff, who created this wonderful lion, call him Leo, but if properly trained he may well answer to another name. While majestic, this glorious beast is not ferocious and keeps his teeth and claws completely out of sight. His expression, with large shiny eyes and soft whiskers, is as kind and wise as Aslan’s, but to meet him, excursions through the wardrobe are not absolutely necessary.


Materials: Covering: acrylic 76%, cotton 24%, rockers and handles: varnished wood 

Dimensions (all measurements approximate):

H: 55cm (at head), 44cm (at waist)
W: 85cm (rockers), 70cm (nose to tail)
D: 26cm (across shoulders), 19cm (across waist), 27cm (handles)

Weight: 7.1kg

Care: Sponge clean surface only