'Zucchetta' Balsamic Vinegar of Moderna
Giuseppe Giusta

'Zucchetta' Balsamic Vinegar of Modena



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Aged in oak, with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar extracted from a series of antique casks, the thick, syrupy, award-winning Zuchetta balsamic vinegar (6% acidity) releases delicate hints of sweet, ripe fruit which are interwoven with notes of liquorice and black pepper. Perfect as a dressing for savoury or sweet dishes.

Founded in 1605, Giuseppe Giusti is the oldest producer of balsamic vinegar in the world, and has 600 barrels from the 1700s and 1800s which are still producing balsamic vinegar. The older the barrel, the better the product will be, and small amounts are extracted from these to intensify current batches.

Details & Care
  • Made in Moderna, Italy
  • Keep at room temperature, even after opening.