Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs
Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs

GR Pro Secateurs


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Single Holster
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These Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs are an invaluable tool for the discerning gardener. The tough steel is excellently sharp and paired with the comfortable yellow grips, they make light work of any pruning jobs around the garden. Superbly functional and an excellent addition to the potting shed.


Expertly designed and made, these Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs will bring exquisite Japanese traditions to your own garden. Hand forged using hard wearing carbon steel, by skilled craftspeople in the city of Sanjo, an area known for its steel work, these secateurs are of the highest quality and built to last.

GR Secateurs

Details & Care
  • Made from KA-70 carbon steel
  • Vinyl grip handles
  • Includes spare spring
  • Sharpen weekly with a whetstone. Use Crean Mate to remove rust, then wipe over with Camellia Oil
  • Made in Sanjo, Japan
Garden Care