Ancient + Brave Naked Vegan Collagyn

Naked Vegan Collagyn


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Ancient + Brave Ritual Scoop
Ritual Scoop


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Designed to build and replenish the body’s natural renewal, this 'collagyn' has been formulated with key essential vegan nutrients including choline and vitamin D to support normal metabolism, immune function and optimal daily wellbeing. Rich in prebiotic fibre to support digestive function and gut microbiome, it also acts as an excellent source of protein for muscle tone and body conditioning. Flavourless, simply add powder to a smoothie or plant milk, as part of your daily routine. 


Ancient + Brave believes in the power of ritual, creating products that are easily taken as part of a wellness regime, to ensure you enjoy the benefits that come from consistency. With a team of dieticians, nutritionists, blending specialists and creative minds, the company offers a range of meticulously crafted supplements, expertly blending impactful botanicals, modern nootropics, ketogenic fuels and functional nutraceuticals for optimal daily wellbeing.

Details & Care
  • 10g - approx. 1 scoop or 2 heaped tsp (use scoop for exact measurement)
  • Can be added to plant milk or any smoothie
  • Blended with MCT, MSM and glucosamine, it is also the perfect partner for sporty and active lifestyles.
  • Please bear in mind, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. We would always recommend consulting your doctor or a healthcare professional if you have any questions or require further guidance.
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