Candle in Lightning Oak

Candle in Lightning Oak



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This Candle in Lightning Oak features an enduring, beautiful fragrance of smoky wood aromas with modern notes of crushed Pink Pepper. Bergamot and Clove Bud. At first, you will capture the freshness of bitter citrus and various spices, closely followed by the soapy notes of Vetiver, resulting in an elegant, distinguished classic that intoxicates the senses.

Noble Isle Luxury Scented Candles are made in England and finished by hand with a fine balance of wax, wick and fragrance to create a superb aromatic candle that imparts ambience and warmth to a room, radiating evocative fine fragrance.

  • Burn time: 35-45 hours
  • Material: Natural paraffin wax and lead-free wick
  • Vegan friendly

Top Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit
Heart Notes: Cardamom, clove bud
Base Notes: Vetiver, sandalwood