Noble Isle Great British Wanderer Gift Set
Noble Isle Great British Wanderer Gift Set

Great British Wanderer Gift Set

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Beautifully presented in a gift box, this Great British Wanderer set has been curated by founder Katy Simpson as a sensory celebration of the British countryside. Containing five luxurious 75ml travel-size Bath & Shower Gels, each fragrance specifically chosen to represent a unique element of this Noble Isle.  

The Fireside scent is warm and inviting, evoking the cosy ambiance of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter night, while Summer Rising is uplifting and reminiscent of a blooming garden on a sunny day. The Whisky & Water fragrance is rich and sophisticated, inspired by the rolling Scottish hills and the smoothness of a fine whisky, while Willow Song is tranquil and calming, evoking memories of a peaceful riverbank. Finally, the tangy Rhubarb Rhubarb! fragrance is fresh and invigorating, capturing the essence of a classic British scent. These bath and shower gels are made in England with nutrient-rich extracts, locally sourced from producers around the British Isles.

Details & Care
  • Made in UK
  • Made with real perfume
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Do not store in direct sunlight

Fireside - a warm, woody fragrance blending classic winter spices of Ginger, Black Pepper, Vanilla, and Cinnamon, and refreshed by a zesty Grapefruit top, with captivating notes of Cypress Oil and Oakmoss.

Rhubarb Rhubarb! - a bittersweet fragrance - crushed Tarragon and muddled Rosemary complemented by the rich, aromatic notes of fresh bitter Rhubarb. The result is an extraordinary and surprising fresh crisp aroma.

Summer Rising – an immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of Summer. A modern, fresh fragrance with zesty citrus top notes and delicate Orange Blossom entwined with Moss and cut Grass providing a clean and addictive aroma.

Whisky & Water - reminiscent of a warm cosy room at dusk next to a roaring fire with hints of the finest Whisky. A rich fragrance, redolent of the finest, oak-aged single malt, with warm Vanilla and Cedarwood.

Willow Song - an unreservedly romantic fragrance, with the floaty green florals of Lily of the Valley, Rose and Ivy blended with mellow woody notes of Cedarwood and Musk