Trace of Tension Sculpture
Trace of Tension Sculpture

Trace of Tension



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Carved out of a block of Portuguese Limestone, called Mocha Crème, Trace of Tension is a sculpture that should variously be looked through and seen from both sides. Here Piotr Gargas has created a broken circle of smooth limestone, the central carving of which is reminiscent of architectural stone tracery, which, at the same time, feels organic. The effect is dynamic, full of movement, combined with the intriguing ‘breaks’ in the wheel which are highlighted with gilding.

Working in a wide range of materials, including marble, wood, and clay, Piotr uses the Oxfordshire landscape as his inspiration. Each piece is planned via 3D imaging technology, which he then refers to when undergoing the lengthy and arduous process of carving, that reflects the flow and harmony so evident in organic forms.


Piotr trained in stone sculpture for 5 years in Poland, where he exercised the tradition of closely studying and copying the work of great classical sculptors. Soon after, he began restoring decorative stone features of historic buildings and sculptures across Europe, which in turn led to the development of Piotr’s own artistic style.

  • Original piece
  • Materials: Portuguese Mocha Crème Limestone, gold paint, suitable for indoors or outside, black polished stone plinth
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Piotr Gargas