Araucaria araucana Monkey Puzzle Tree 3L
Araucaria araucana Monkey Puzzle Tree 3L
Monkey Puzzle

Araucaria araucana 3L



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With its startling silhouette, the national tree of Chile, Araucaria araucana is a delightful talking point in any garden. Its fascinating dark leaves cover the branches with geometrical precision making a sculptural statement in shiny, dark evergreen. 


It was brought to Europe in the 1790s, gaining popularity amongst Victorian and Edwardian gardeners, its distinctive foliage causing a 19th-century viewer to observe that trying to climb it would 'puzzle a monkey'. A living fossil, it flourished alongside the dinosaurs (who found it unpalatable) and is able to withstand lava!

  • Extremely slow growing, eventually large evergreen
  • Hardy
  • Fertile, well drained soil
  • Full Sun, partial shade
  • South, east or west facing
  • Sheltered

While the tree is establishing itself, ensure it does not dry out, particularly if planted in a container. Otherwise it requires little attention and no pruning. It will take up to 40 years to produce cones.

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