Clematis Frau Susanne
Clematis Frau Susanne

Clematis Frau Susanne


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Empathy After Plant, Climber and Flower Feed
After Plant, Climber and Flower Feed
Vitax Clematis Feed, 0.9kg
Clematis Feed, 0.9kg


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The stunning Clematis ‘Frau Susanne is a breathtaking clematis variety boasting extra large flowers. Adorned with 8 acuminated tepals, their centres burst with yellow anthers, transitioning from white to rich purple-pink in slightly wavy margins. Expect a profusion of blooms in mid-May to late June, with a delightful encore in late summer throughout August and September, before turning to fluffy seedheads. Leaves are divided into three segments with serrated edges. 


Clematis need their roots to be cool and their heads in the sun, so plant with roots shaded by other plants. Moreover, they will add height to the garden or provide colour to a plain background, such as a fence or wall.

  • Flowers: May – June, August – September 
  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • All aspects
  • Fully hardy
  • Group 3 pruning
  • As Clematis like cool roots, try to position so that the roots will be shaded from the sun by another plant. 
  • Bear in mind the space they will need to climb and provide a suitable structure - trellis, wall, fence or other plant - to climb through
  • Can be a skin irritant and harmful to pets if ingested
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